daily art project

Raphaël Hermans


This is my personal visual diary covering a whole year. From January 26th 2016 to January 26th 2017, I will produce and share one piece of art each day. This can be a drawing, mixed media artwork or a photo. I want this project to be a visual diary, without any overall theme. Each piece of art expressing no more than my thoughts and feelings at a particular moment in time. I do not intend to spend the entire day trying to perfect them – I will simply see what emerges every day. 365 days, 365 works. All the works are dated, numbered and signed. The format of each work will vary. I will archive them in this book. This project will help me understand the potential of my brain, used as an art translator. It will change the way I approach and create my work. I anticipate a year of intense fun and enlightening inspiration while producing these 365 works.

Januari 2016

Februari 2016

Maart 2016

April 2016

Mei 2016

Juni 2016

Juli 2016

Augustus 2016

September 2016

Oktober 2016

November 2016

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Januari 2017